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The Purpose of the Torah

In life, there are only two ways to travel: the way that leads to life and prosperity or the way that leads to death and destruction. In this video, Mordakhai Joseph shares how God gave His Torah to help lead us along the path to life.


Audio Lessons by Mordakhai Joseph - Old Testament New Testament

Godsnature.org features 787 audio lessons from Genesis through Revelation given by Mordakhai Joseph. Every religion has its hope in some sort of salvation. The Jews through the physical law, Christian’s through confession of Jesus Christ, nirvana through Hinduism, but the Bible spells out the plan of salvation through obedience to Gods instructions (laws) especially through the feast as well as his prescribed holy days. While God’s nature may be far more than the Bible reveals, we have been given a foundation through his word, to study his nature and character in a systematic way. This series may be used to gain deeper insight through God’s Torah for those who hunger and thirst for the nature of God.
When beginning this series, please note that it is not possible to understand the New Testament if you do not understand the Old Testament. Many of the controversies surrounding the books of Galatians and Romans, etc. could be avoided if people had the proper foundation. The New Testament magnifies the Old Testament so the Old Testament needs to be understood. Please go through the Old Testament Series before beginning the New Testament.

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